Hearing Aids at Becker Hearing Center

Being an independent practice means that we carry hearing aids from all the major brands. That allows us to choose a hearing aid that's right for you, from any brand we personally believe in. If you have more severe hearing loss, we can turn to a company that specializes in powerful hearing aids. If you only have hearing loss in one ear, there are companies that make excellent hearing aids specifically for that situation.

We'll talk to you about your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget, and based on those factors, we will go over your options with you so you can make an educated decision that will be right for you. There aren't really any bad choices; modern hearing aids are all far more powerful, comfortable, and convenient than ever before, so the most important part of choosing hearing aids is determining what an individual patient needs.

Hearing aids at Becker Hearing Center

We believe it is important to stay ahead of the latest trends and technology in the hearing industry so we can continue to provide our patients with the expert care they deserve. We recently attended a two-day training event with EarQ and Oticon in Denver, Colorado, where we learned about new ways we can offer you the best possible hearing healthcare experience.

We were also one of the first in our area to be trained on the newest Oticon technology, including the Opn S. The Opn S is different because it is the first device to deliver speech understanding on par with normal hearing. This means you can take a more active part in difficult listening situations and understand more with less effort.

Try the Opn S for yourself. Make an appointment today!

Determining Cost: Technology vs. Size

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Sometimes people expect that the smallest hearing aids are the most expensive, but that's not necessarily true. All styles of hearing aids are roughly the same price. The difference in cost comes not from what it looks like but what's inside the hearing aid. Hearing aids are available with different levels of technology depending on how many features you need and how severe your hearing loss is.

If you only need a little boost or you tend to stay in quiet, predictable environments, a budget-friendly option on the low end of the technology spectrum may be perfect for you. If you want more out of your hearing aid, such as advanced noise cancellation, Bluetooth streaming, and iPhone connectivity, you may be happiest with a more sophisticated model. We'll take all of this into consideration when recommending hearing aids to you.


Hearing aids come in several common styles:

Many patients enjoy the RIC models for their acoustic quality and greater comfort, since the bulk of the hearing aid's "brain" is located in a case behind your ear rather than actually inside the ear itself; only the receiver itself actually goes into your ear. Another advantage of the RIC models is that they can be more easily updated if your hearing loss worsens and you need more powerful technology.

RIC hearing aid at Becker Hearing Center CIC hearing aid at Becker Hearing Center ITC hearing aid at Becker Hearing Center ITC hearing aid at Becker Hearing Center BTE hearing aid at Becker Hearing Center

Our Favorite Brands

We have had good luck fitting our patients with hearing aids from many different brands over the years. We carry all of the big six: Oticon, Signia, Widex, Starkey, Phonak, and ReSound: and can service just about any hearing aid you bring to us. Our interest in hearing aids and our ability to help with hearing aids is pretty much limitless, regardless of brand! With that said, we do have favorites. Right now, we have been having the most luck with Oticon and Signia, and we tend to consider hearing aids from those brands for most patients. It's not because we have an obligation to the brand; it's because our patients love the sound quality and the technology options that these brands offer, and we love how easy it is to work with these brands if we have questions.

Sound quality is so important, and we can see the difference in the smiles on our clients' faces. When we fit our clients with demo units, we let them experience different sounds with the hearing aid on and with it muted. People come back a few weeks after getting new hearing aids and they tell us, "I love my hearing aids, I can't believe what was missing." This response isn't limited to Oticon and Signia, but those two stand out. They also give our patients great options like Oticon's ConnectClip microphone and Signia's StreamLine TV, which fit seamlessly into your life and give you new options to hear the world around you.

The Signia Styletto at Becker Hearing Center

Other technological advances mean we can do more to help people hear better. We can find solutions for people with complicated hearing situations or very severe hearing loss. Modern technology does an excellent job filtering out background noise, and some hearing aids even help patients become more comfortable with how their own voice sounds in their ears. Rechargeable hearing aids are an option for patients who have less dexterity in their hands and would rather not change batteries themselves. And one of the greatest advancements that has changed the hearing aid world forever is connectivity between your phone and your hearing aids. Talking on the telephone used to be a challenge for people with hearing aids; now, with audio transmitted directly to your hearing aids, you can hear more clearly than you've heard a call in years!

Maintaining Your Hearing Aids

Most hearing aids will last 3-5 years if properly cared for, but they do need regular maintenance. We will show you how to clean your hearing aid (including changing the wax guard) and how to replace the batteries. It's also important to keep your hearing aids away from moisture, so never wear your hearing aids in the shower or while swimming, and don't store your hearing aids overnight in humid places like the bathroom. Instead, keep them in a safe, dry place out of reach of children or pets. Bring your hearing aids to our office every 3-4 months so we can give them a thorough cleaning and make any adjustments to the fit or the programming.

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